Our Trip to MMW06 and Beyond

June 15: Depart home, drive to Rice Hill, Oregon
June 16: Depart Rice Hill, drive to Carmicael, Calforinia, Visit Kent & Terryl
June 17: Depart Carmicael, drive to Barstow California
June 18: Depart Barstow, drive to Las Vegas! Moo Hoo Waa Haa!
June 19: Depart Las Vegas, drive to Prescott Arizona
June 20: Day 1 at Mini Meet West 06
June 21: Day 2 at Mini Meet West 06
June 22: Day 3 at Mini Meet West 06
June 23: Depart Prescott, drive to Flagstaff, Crater, Grand Canyon
June 24: Depart Flagstaff, drive to 4 Corners, then Moab, Utah
June 25: Depart Moab, 4 wheel drive into the canyon, then drive to Salt Lake City, Utah
June 26: Depart Salt Lake City, drive to West Yellowstone, just outside of Yellowstone Park
June 27: Depart Yellowstone West, see Yellowstone park, drive to Missoula, Montana
June 28: Depart Missoula, and drive home.